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The Joys of Timber Fencing!

I don’t know what it is about fencing but I absolutely love building timber fences, it is so satisfying. To start with it, it’s great to be working outdoors with timber. It’s not just that, there is something about the precision and meticulous nature of building a perfectly straight fence that I really enjoy.

A fence says a lot about your home, if it’s dilapidated and falling down your home can look unloved and uncared for. However, you can easily transform your home and garden with high quality timber fencing (and decking) to maximise space, define boundaries and improve the security of your home.

Whether it is new or replacement fencing to enhance the look of your home and garden or simply a secure perimeter to keep animals in or out, Fidra Home and Garden Services specialise in timber fencing for all your domestic or agricultural needs.

Domestic Fencing

We do all types of domestic fencing such as palisade, ranch style, post and rail, larch lapping and panel. We can meet onsite to discuss your requirements and can provide ideas and advice on what might best suit your individual needs.

Agricultural Fencing

We install high-quality fencing made from durable materials so you can have peace of mind that your land will remain secure and your animals will remain contained. We offer solutions for stock fencing such as sheep netting, post and wire, post and rail, rabbit fencing, deer fencing and post / strainer replacement.

Contact me (Dugald) at Fidra Home and Garden Services for an obligation free quote – 07801 945 399 or email

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